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Hi John,
I wanted to tell you that I use your Safe N Simple products, hey make it easier for me to take care of my Ostomy. The Peri-Stoma Wipes help remove my wafer easier and cleans my skin then I throw the wipes away. I especially like to use them when I am away from home. Your other products like the Skin Barrier (No Sting Wipes). They keep my skin healthy and the wafer sticks better. Also, the package is so easy to reseal and keep moist and easy to open the package again. Thank you for making this product.

Marlene Vennemeyer
Cincinnati, OH

"Peri-stoma Wipes & Skin Barrier no Sting Wipes. Great products, better than Coloplast, good size wipe"

-MJ of Missouri

I really like the barrier spray. I have used it in combination with Safe N' Simple adhesive remover and barrier wipes (love those two products). I am so glad that your company is coming up with new products & have made them available for us to try. We have discussed your products in my support group meetings.









I absolutely love the Safe N Simple Barrier Rings! They hold up real well and the best part is that they don't sting. That has put my mind at ease on when I change my system and don't have to fear about being in pain because it will sting. I'm so thankful that there are barrier rings like these. In fact, I've placed an order with Edgepark, my supplier, and now only use these right after I tried the first one. I am so grateful that Safe N Simple had made these. These are 10000% times better than Eakin seals and trust me I put them through a lot by chasing my two young children, running, working out, and the summer heat and they still hold up. Best product ever next to the Safe N Simple Barrier Wipes.


Nice speaking to you today, let me tell you this - there hasn't been an easy summer that I didn't have problems with leakage until I tried using Safe N Simple adhesive seals. I used Eakin seal but they didn't hold up in the heat. Everybody's skin is different I know that because my wife and I are completely different and that these products have made a big difference. If you haven't tried this give it a shot. It could make your life much more enjoyable.


I have been using Safe N Simple conforming seals for about 3 months. I switched from a well known company that is more expensive. Safe N Simple works much better as it does not stick to the skin, so it is easier to remove.

New York









Ordered 40 Integrity Rings last month. They are excellent. They don't leave a mess like the others do.










The strips increase the life of the Urostomy Pouch by 1 to 2 days. I change every 5 days. I have been using tape around the wafer. They work much better.